NBA Draft 2021 Corey Kispert Scout Report

One of the best shooters in the draft, but will he scoring translate to the NBA?

Spot up shooting – one of the best shooters in the draft, both off the dribble and stationary. Shot over 10 threes per 100 possessions, making an jaw dropping 44%. Gets to the line at a good rate, 6 attempts per 100 possessions.  Modern day scorer. Great shooting from three, but struggles with shooting from 2. Only 6 from 22 when looking at stop up 2s. 48% from three in spot up situations. Has a decent enough handle to fake and shoot from the dribble or take it to the basket. Very effective scoring with floaters.

Transition – One of the best transition players in college basketball. Incredible decision maker in transition. His assist to turnover ratio in transition is a stellar 3! Can pull up for three and make above 40% in transition, also above average going to the rim, and scoring or drawing fouls. Only 3% turnovers in transition. Finishing at the rim above 65%

PnR ball handler – A much better scorer than creator. His handle isn’t good enough to be a PnR creator at the next level. Very turnover prone in PnRs with a 30% turnover rate. But very good and diverse scorer. Can hurt a team of the dribble, going to the rim or shooting runners.  His lack of handle shows when the defense commits to him as a PnR handler, but quite deadly in single coverage. Scores at 66% aFG% out of the PnR as a ball handler.

Using screens and hand offs – Very good using both, but excels in dribble handoffs, especially when shooting right away.

Cuts and offensive rebounds – hustles a lot , active without the ball. Will give a team at least one good cut to the rim per game, finishing them at an elite 78% rate. Close to one offensive rebound per game, converts them at an 60+% rate.

Heaven Version of Corey Kispert

If everything goes right Kispert should be a better version of Bojan Bogdanovic, with a better handle, more transition points and a better hairline.

Heaven Version Stats

20-6-3 with 42%+ from three and a good team defender

Hell Version of Corey Kispert

Stays just a spot up shooter and hustle player, three falls off a bit.

Hell Version Stats

10-3-1- with 39% from three

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