NBA Draft 2021 Evan Mobley Scout Report

Is Evan Mobley the NBA’s next Unicorn?

PnR man – Very effective when rolls to the rim, with over 70% efficiency. Still only average when popping for a long two or three. Adjusted FG% from these situations was 44%. Low turnover rate with only 7%. Athletic, good first step, explosive when attacking the rim.

Post Ups –The weakest part of his game. Footwork needs to improve as well as strength and positional awareness. Shot only 37% on post ups, and turned the ball over on almost a quarter a possession. But also really well adapt in creating contact and drawing free throws. As he gets stronger, his current’ 25% free throw created rate out of post ups will surely rise. Good at creating for other out of the post, especially when he gets double teamed. Punishes double teams with passes to shooters and cutters. Cutters average 2.1 points per possession out of his post passes.

Spot Ups – Good spot up shooter with 54% aFG%, but even better when he fakes and takes a dribble jumper out of a spot up, finish at an 57% aFG%. Still having issues hitting threes on a consistent basis. Shot only 30% on a very small volume of 2 per 100 possessions. One of the best at going to the line in this draft. 10 free throws per 100 possessions. Shots close to 70%. Can fake and turn a spot up situation into a ferocious dunk.  Shooting 52% on short 2 and 54 on long 2s. Will probably get to close to 40% from the three in a few years.

Cuts – Active without the ball. Doesn’t fall asleep when the ball isn’t in his hands. Finishes close to 2 cuts per game with a 76% aFG%. Every forth cut sends him to the free throw line.

Offensive rebounds – Similar story as with the cuts. Very good at finishing in traffic. Low turnover rate, and 70%+ aFG% when he decides to finish.

Transition – Runs like an track athlete. Upward form. Fluid athlete. Explosive around the rim. Can be turnover prone in transition. But when he runs out, he finishes about 73% aFG%. Every fifth transition possession gets him to the free throw line.

ISO scoring – Only played about one ISO possession per game, but shown immense flashes. Currently a slightly better ISO creator than scorer. 58% aFG as an ISO scorer. Very secure, composed with the ball in these situations. His feel for the game really comes alive. Brilliant at finding open teammates for either cuts or open threes.  Draws shooting fouls at a very high rate. Could be a Giannis level ISO player in the future. 63% on drives out of an ISO situation. When he tightens his handle its hard to imagine anyone staying in front of him on the next level.

PnR Ball handling – only 3% of his offensive output, but the flashes were brilliant. Uses length size and feel to create space for himself and others. Already knows how to find the roll man. More turnover prone when trying to pick up shot up shooters out of the PnR. Seems unstoppable when attacking the rim as a PnR ball handler.

Defense– Generational Rim protector talent. Good rebounder , with 14.7% rebound percentage. When his body reaches its final form he might creep up to 17, 18%. Absolutely elite block percentage of 9,1%. Most good and great rim protectors and shot blockers are round 5-6%. Fast feet for his height, long arms. Will be able to guard wings and switch onto guards.

Heaven Version of Evan Mobley

The shot and handle improve. His body gets stronger but doesn’t lose speed and explosiveness. Post footwork improves. ISO and PnR flashes become a reality.

Heaven Version Stats

25-13-5 with 1 steal and 2.5 blocks, shooting close to 40% from three. MVP and DPOY candidate for multiple seasons

Hell Version of Evan Mobley

Isn’t able to fill out. The shot and handle aren’t enough to dominate in the league. Is a better shot blocker than actual rim protector.

Hell Version Stats

15-8-1 with 1.5 blocks per game , good starting center on a contender.

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