NBA Draft 2021 Nah’Shon “Bones” Hyland Scout Report

Unorthodox draft prospect with great range and feel.

PnR Offense as a Ball Handler –  Excellent pick and role player. Adept at getting to his spots, and excellent at finding the roll man in PnR situations. His roll man scored almost 90%!! of his attempts at the rim following a PnR. Lack of size and length does hinder his ability to find spot up shooters out of the PnR, especially if he is guarded by or switched on by a bigger, stronger player. Some of it is also the lack of shooting on his team. They only hit 29% of his passes coming out of the PnR. Good at using the screen to take a shot of the dribble or finish at the rim. Very adept at runners and floaters

Transition Offense – One of the best transition ball handlers in the draft. Great at finding teammates for easy looks in transition. His poor assist to turnover ration climbs to an impressive 2 in transition situations. Can finish at the rim and pull up for three with above average efficiency.

Spot up Shooting – Make a solid 37 percent of his three’s this season and 86% of his free throws. But is probably a better three point shooter. Shoots a lot of very difficult and long three’s, both as a spot up and off the dribble. Top 1% in three point volume out of all prospects in my database, with almost 14 attempted threes per 100 possessions. Scores spot up shots at an incredible rate. His adjusted field goal percentage on spot up shots is above 70%. Also showed flashes of faking and taking the ball the rim at an above average rate. Only 9% turnovers in these situations. Projects potential logo range.

ISO Offense – Fantastic iso scorer, with flashes of finding the open man when the defense commits to him. Equally impressive going to the rim and shooting of the dribble, for three or for two. Made a lot of incredibly difficult shot. The highlight was probably a off the balance three over 2 taller defenders to end the half. When he gets hot he looks absolutely incredible. Improved runner and floater game when going to the rim.

Defense- Does not have the frame, length and body type to be a impactful, or even good defender in the league. Does an ok job bothering spot up shooters with his intensity.

Heaven Version of Bones Hyland

Improves as a passer, learns to create angles so he can find spot up shooters with ease. Handle improves. The range of this three becomes to the logo. Makes runners and floaters at a above average rate. Could be a mix of Seth Curry and Immanuel Quickley.

Heaven Version Stats

15-4-5- with a 1.5 steals per game, shooting 42+ from beyond the arc.

Hell Version of Bones Hyland

The lack of athleticism hinders him getting opportunities, the shot and handle don’t translate.

Hell Version Stats

6 points 2 rebs 2 assists while shooting around 35% from three.

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