NBA Draft 2021 Greg Brown Scout Report

Can an athlete who plays basketball, become a athletic basketball player who excels at both ends of the floor?

Very raw offensively aka one of the worst offensive players in the draft. But a ton of upside. Was used as a spot up shooter for most of the year in Texas. Legendary bad assist to turnover ratio of 1-10 assists to turnovers. Horrible decision maker with the ball in his hands, prone to dumb fouls.

Spot up shooting – Shoot a good volume of both three’s and free throws. Almost 10 3s per 100 possession at a 32% clip. The three point percentage raises to 34% when you isolate his catch and shoot threes.  Shot 8 free throws per 100 possessions, which is above average at a success rate of 71%. Almost 50% of his offense came as a spot up shooter. This hurts his stock more than it helps it. Shown flashes of faking a spot up and going to the rim and making his at rim attempts from this situation on a acceptable rate. His release is fine for most part but his elbow can move. Barely bends his knees when he shoots.

Finishing around the rim. Really struggles to score after getting offensive rebounds. In general he hasn’t found ways to translate his tremendous athleticism into points at the rim. Shoot below 55% on most of his at rim actions. On offensive rebounds it gets even worse and his percentage drops below 40%.

Transition– Great finisher, horrible ball handler. Turned over close to 50% of his transition plays as a ball hander. But scores upwards of 70% of his transition attempts at the rim when not the ball handler.

PnR man– shown the most promise on the offensive end as a PnR big, both running to the rim and popping for a three .Due to the roster on Texas he was heavily underused in this department. Actually very good, close to excellent as  a PnR man, but only player 12 possessions all season in this role.

Defense – Projects as a potential switchable defender. Could guard bigger guards and wings. Already shown a lot of promise as a secondary rim protector. In fact, kept players below 0.7 points per possession when he was around the rim. But players really took advantage of him in the post and scored on over 80%. The special awareness is still not there, and it might never get there. Gets smoked by crafty PGs on switches out of PnR. Struggles staying close enough to spot up shooters.  Very good rebounder with close to 17% rebound percentage. Elite block percentage of 5%.

Again, there should be a lot of open-mindedness about Greg Brown. For most of the season he played as a 3nD Small Forward. In the pros he should play 4 or 5 depending on the lineups.

Heaven Version of Greg Brown

In the best case scenario, he improves his three at close to 40%. He learns to use his athleticism to finish better around the rim. Is used primarily, (maybe even only ) as a PnR big that either runs to the rim or pop for three.  Learns the defensive side of defending the PnR in the NBA, Add strength so he can defend better in the post.

Heaven Version Stats

16-13-1 with a steal and 2 blocks per game, while shooting close to 40% from three.

Hell Version of Greg Brown

He just stays an athletic marvel with a three point shot that comes and goes. Lost on defense, unless he can block someone at the rim. End of the bench guy or out of the league after his rookie contract.

Hell Version Stats

3 points 2 rebounds.

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