NBA Draft 2021 Scottie Barnes Scout Report

6’9 Point Guard with tremendous defensive upside, but will his bad shot stop him from fulfillng his potential?

Transition – Aggressive in transition, usually as the ball handler following a defensive rebound. Great finisher when attacking the rim with 77% percent. Also shown flashes of pulling up from three in transition. 3/7 on transition threes.

PnR offense – Increadible decision maker in the PnR. When the defense commits its game over. One of the best in college in both finding spot up shooters and rim runners out of the pick and roll. Good at going to the rim and scoring. No pull up game out of the pick and roll. Can struggle against height.

Spot up shooting –  Good in general. Takes an below average number of 3 pointers with 4 on 100 possessions, while making 28%. Takes an average amount of free throws with 7 attempts per 100 possessions, but makes only 60% . Really bizarre three point shooting splits. Missed all of his corner threes. Hit only but out of 8 from the middle of the court, but shot 40% from corners. The form looks good, but his stance gets too wide at times.

Very good at crashing the offensive glass and cutting. But didn’t have a lot of opportunities to display that ability since he played point guard.

Incredible passing potential– 6’9, long, and has a feel for the game. Good ball handler. Has an eye for the open man. 2-1 assist to turnover ratio.

One of the best defenders in the draft , as well as the safest picks. Can switch multiple positions and hang with some faster smaller guys, but still gets blown by at times. Responsible and smart transition defender. Great at using his length to defend the lane and rim.

Very poor at both post ups and iso scoring. Only made 30% of his shot at the rim in ISO situations.

Heaven version of Scottie Barnes

He finds ways to score. Develops his jumper from both the two and three, becoming slightly above average. Turns into reliable free throw shooter. One of the most impactful defenders in the league for years to come. One of the better pure passers in the league.

Heaven Version Stats

20-7-7 with a 2.5 assist to turnover ratio and 37% from the 3point line and one of the best defenders in the NBA.

Hell Version of Scottie Barnes

Even at his worst, Barnes will play 10 or more years in the league. In the worst case, he could be a 6th man that takes care of the second unit, alongside a microwave scorer. A third guard in the body of a wing who can defender multiple positions.

Hell Version Stats

9-5-4 with below 30% from three

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