NBA Draft 2021 Jeremiah Robinson-Earl Scout Report

Talented, versatile and dynamic big/wing, but can his shot take him to stardom?

Good PnR Man – He is great when he can get to the rim out of a PnR. Finished with 75% at rim from PnRs. The issue is when he pops because he really struggled from all over the court.

Very Good Spot up Shooter – Shot an average volume of both thress and free throws, 6 per 100 possession in each category. Really struggled from three this season with 28%. But there is a beacon of hope, because his free throws were around 72% and were an impressive 81% a year before.  Shot above 40% on corner spot up threes, abysmal from every other part of the floor. Very good midrange game, with 55% on long 2s. Form looks good, fluid, but shot can be flat at times.

Very Good Post Up Player – took close to 2 post ups per game and ended up making 55% of his post up shots around the rim. Composed, looks for open man, good footwork.

Good Cutter – excellent on the offensive glass as well. On average he will score on both a cut and an offensive board every game. Nearly unstopple when he cuts or gets an offensive board with 70% at rim finishing.

Mixed bag in transition – He is good around the rim in transition, but really poor at pulling up for three or two off the dribble.

Very good and versatile defender in college. Has great size and strength for his position. Could develop in a good 4 who switches 3-5. Does a good job staying in front of guys in iso situations. Is ok at closing down shooters. Really good rebounder. Has the strength to play a small ball five in the league, was a decent rim protector in college.

Shown flashes as a passer. Good assist to turnover ration for a big, with 1.2 . His handle is intriguing, flashed crossover moves. Has an eye for the extra pass and the open man.

Heaven Version of Jeremiah Robinson-Earl

Becomes more aggressive at running to the rim from a PnR. His impressive long 2s become 3s. Becomes a decent stretch 4 when playing with a 5. Becomes a rim attacking, aggressive in transition 5. Is able to defend multiple positions and hold his own around the rim. Really good starting big or stretch 4 for many years, maybe even borderline all star.

Heaven version stats

18-9-4 with a steal per game while shooting 37% from three

Hell Version of Jeremiah Robinson-Earl

The shot just doesn’t fall. Can’t keep up athletically. Screws with his confidence and his high motor starts to wane. Energy big off the bench who rim-runs, get boards for the second unit and nothing more.

Hell version Stats

6 points 3 rebounds.

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