NBA Draft 2021 Keon Johnson Scout Report

Talented Slasher Guard, with high ceilling and very low floor.

Transition – Average. He is fine around the rim in transition, making close to 60%. But he really likes to pull up from three or two in transition and he barely makes those. Really talented slasher guard, but doesn’t want or can kick it out. At times you get the feeling he gets hypnotized by the rim and all he wants to do is to dunk. His left hand can feel wooden when finishing around the rim.

Spot up shooting – average- He is really good from the middle and the left side of the court, but can’t hit anything from the right side as a spot-up shooter.

PnR ball handler – Below Average, struggles to finish around the rim, also struggles to get to his spots and make an off the dribble three. There is potential to become a good mid-range scorer.

Post Up – Good, Abuses weaker, smaller player, and makes around 50% of his post-ups around the rim. Good footwork, great spin, and balance.

Cuts – Very Good- active without the ball. Scored 71% on cuts this season.

ISO Scoring – average mostly due to an interesting mid-range game, but he struggles to score around the rim, especially against taller players.

Horrible three-point shooter in general, 26 % on a very low volume of 4 attempts per 100 possession. Solid at getting to the line and making his free throws. 8 attempts per 100 possessions and 70% from the free throw line. For a guard, his assist to turnover ratio is bad, 0.9. Can feel like a car driving in a one-way street on offense. Age is on his side. One of the younger players in the draft turns 19 this year.
High Celling – abyss guy

Good defender. Has size and length that bothers shooters. Excels staying with shooters when they run around screens.

The Heaven Version of Keon Johnson
There is a lot of potential there. If his shot, even as just a spot-up shooter improves. If he is surrounded by shooters, and he can drive to the rim at will, can be aggressive in transition, and learns to kick it out to the open man he could be an incredible NBA guard for years to come.

Heaven Version Stats
20-5-4 with a steal, 38% from three

The Hell Version of Keon Johnson
If his shooting, decision making, and finishing in traffic don’t improve he is out of the league after his rookie deal. Barely plays his third year in the league and then it’s either the Chinese league or even the second ABA league.

Hell Version stats
2 points 1 rebound and 1 assist in his third year in the league, shooting below 30% from three.

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