NBA Draft 2021 Sharife Cooper Scout Report

A exceptional passing talent, but will his shooting and lack of size stop him from becoming a great NBA point guard?

PnR scoring– struggles to finish around the rim. Only around 42% Likes to finish with contact, but struggles to score over rim protectors and taller players who go vertical around the rim.

Iso Scoring– flashes of a midrange game, but even worse around the rim with 36%

Transition– a very good playmaker in transition with close to a 3-1 assist to turnover ratio, but bad finisher. Can’t pull up for three and around 40% when finishing at the rim in transition.

Spot up shooter– His above average spot up shooting gives hope that he might be a average or better shooter in the pros. Almost 50% on spot up threes. His best spot is the left wing where he made 62% of his taken threes. Overall in the halfcourt he is 43% from that area of the field from three.

In general he was abysmal from three this season, with under 25% and he also shoot a low volume with 4.3 attempts per 100 possessions. His freethrows are a big sign of encouragement. He makes above 80%, which is a good indicator that his three point should improve in the pros. He is also very good at getting to the line with 9 attempts per 100 possesions. The shooting form is not fluid. More of a stop and go motion, both off the dribble and from spot up.

Passing– The best pure passing player in the draft. 2-1 assist to turnover ratio which becomes an impressive 3-1 in transition. Size will hinder his impact in the pros, but is crafty at creating angles. Can be luckluster against double teams, but mostly handles doubles and taller players with composure. Creates angles to pass around a taller player or double team. Great at finding cutters or open guys around the rim.

Bad defensive player, with little upside on the next level. The size is a major disadvantage as well as his length. Does a good job fighting around screens, but gets smoked on ISO situations as well as PnR.

The Heaven Version of Sharife Cooper

If everything goes to plan, Cooper should improve his catapult like shooting form and become a close to 40% three point shooter on average volume. He will still find ways to draw fauls and finish around the rim with an average rate. Becomes one of the better passers in the league, especially in transition.

Heaven version stats

20-4-10 with a steal and 2.5 assist to turnover ratio

The Hell Version of Sharife Cooper

The shot doesn’t improve, the struggle to finish continues. Lack of size and length hinders his playmaking. Becomes an backup point guard on a good team.

Hell version stats

8-3-5 with a 1.5 assist to turnover ratio, shooting 28% or 29% from three.

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