NBA Draft 2021 Jalen Johnson Scout Report

Tantalizing potential on both ends, but will the lack of consistency, effort and professionalism stop him from reaching his potential?

Excellent cutter – 14/16 makes as a cutter, great combination of size, athleticism and feel to lose his man and finish at the rim.

Transition– He is great at finishing at the rim in transition. But he sometimes tries to get fancy or finishing with a three, which usually ends up as a miss.

ISO scoring– Bad in ISO situations, but only a small sample size. 3/9 at the rim as an ISO Scorer.

Showed promise as a Roll man in PnR. 57% as a role man around the rim.

Spot up shooting – Average, Shoots 44% from three but on a very low volume of 3.7 on a hundred possessions. Gets to the line on a slightly above average 8 attempts per 100 possessions. Shoots only 63% from the line. The low free throw percentage could be an indication that the numbers from three this season are a fluke. But he did manage to shoot above 50% as a spot up three point shooter. Good form, but tends to release the ball late.

Passing- below 1 assist to turnover ratio. Averaged 2.2 assists per game. Decent handle, good on the break playmaker for his size. Gets creative in double teams.

Good rebounder for his position with 6 per game. Firm and consistent at boxing out.

Should be able to guard multiple positions

Heaven Version of Jalen Johnson

His shooting stays at the same level while the volume increases significantly. His handle is better, becomes good in the pick and roll both as handler and roll man. One of the best wing defenders in the league, who is also great at switch and being a secondary rim protector in small ball lineups. If he learns to bring it every night he should be an incredible player on both ends.

Heaven Version Stats

24-8-4 with 1.5 steals and blocks while shooting 40% from three

Hell Version of Jalen Johnson

The shooting season was a fluke and his free throws are a indicator that he becomes at best a average three point shooter. Ball handling never becomes good enough to become a playmaker in the NBA.  Becomes a seventh man on an average NBA rotation.

Hell Version Averages

8-5-1 with 34% from three

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