NBA Draft 2021 Moses Moody Scout Report

Transition offense – a good transition player. Is only average at finishing at the rim in transition, but is really good at hitting transition threes.

Spot up shooting – Great spot up shooter, especially from three. The corners are his special, hit above 50% on spot up corner threes.

Uses screens well to get into a scoring position.

Very active on the glass. Scores on at least one offensive rebound per game.  Excels as a defensive rebounder for a 6-6 guard. Active hands on defense.

PnR offense, only had a few possession, but showed a lot of promise finding the roll man and getting to the rim. Finished over 70% of his drives to the rim out of a PnR. Also showed flashes of a mid range game out of the PnR.

Managed to produce an above average volume for both threes and free throws taken. Makes both an an above average rate.

Even if he produced an acceptable assist to turnover ratio in college, he is much more of a shooter than a creator.

Should be able to guard both guards and wings. A legit 6-6 with long arms. Can fall asleep and lose his man while watching what the opposition ball handler does.

One of the youngest players in the draft. Will turn 19 at the end of may this year.

Heaven Version of Moses Moody

His shooting improves. The flashes he shown as a PnR scorer become his strong weapon, offensive bread and butter. Learns to pass to the open man in the corner. His mid range game develops and learns to finish strong in transition.

Heaven Version Stats

22 7 3 with close to 40% shooting from three, a steal and a block per game.

Hell Version of Moses Moody

The shot is worse in the league than it was in college. The PnR production was just a fluke. His defensive effort comes and goes. Becomes an end of the bench guard who has on occasion a night where he hits a bunch of three.

Hell Version Stats

5 points 2 rebounds per game.

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