NBA Draft 2021 Jaden Springer Scout Report

Spot up Shooting– Simply a lights out spot up shooter from all over the floor. Above 50% from three in spot up situations.

Transition Offense – A great scorer in transition. Finishes close to 70% of his attempts at the rim in transition. Can pull up from both 2 and 3 and score on 50% or more on those attempts. Likes to run to the corners on transition. Hasn’t miss a transition three from the corner this season. Runs hard in transition.

PnR Offense – Atrocious PnR ball handler. Doesn’t have the reps, nor the decision making. Flashes good passing. Doesn’t know how to get to the rim, or get into his shot out of a PnR. An abysmal 25% at the rim out of a PnR. Mostly concerned with getting contact and not scoring

Iso Scoring– as bad as a he is in PnRs. Struggles mightly to both finish at the rim and get his shot. Mostly due to lack of balance. He gets by guys but can’t get into proper form for a dunk or layup. Could still be growing into his body. Likes to abuse smaller guards.

Great shooting mechanics. Finished with above 40% from three , but took an below average volume of 4.3 per 100 possessions. Gets to the line at a great volume with 9.3 attempts per 100 possessions and scores 80%+ of his free throws. Like to get physical, doesn’t shy away from contact. As his body matures he should be able to get to the line in the NBA.

A very good defender against Guards in every situation. Stays close to him man and bothers shooters either in ISO situations and in Spot up ones. Below average rebounder for his position.

Flashed a bit of playmaking potential but quite careless as both a passer and ballhandler. If he wants to be more than just a shooter he really needs to work on his handle.

One of the youngest players in the draft. Should turn 19 around the time the next NBA season starts.

The Heaven Version of Jaden Springer

If his passing flashes become a consistent thing, if his handle gets better , his balance improves and his body matures he could be a good finisher around the rim. Should bother most guards in the league with his aggressiveness, size speed and strength.

Heaven Version Stats

25-5-5 with 1.5 steals per game, with a 2 assists to turnover ratio

The Hell Version of Jaden Springer

The struggle to hit anything apart from spot up shots consistently continues in the NBA. His handle doesn’t improve enough. Becomes an average NBA rotation Shooting guard.

Hell version Stats

9-2-2 while shooting around 35% from three

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