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The Boys

I love Aya Cash and I love Red Letter Media. And when those larger-than-life forces collided I just had to watch the Boys. And I watched the fucking shit out of it. (seemed fitting with the show).

Knowing that one of my favorite actresses and the star of one of my fate shows You’re The Worst only appeared in the second season of the show I really rushed to get to it. Might not paid as much attention as I should have, but that’s life and or lust/passion.

Side note, if there is an award for having the most outlandish, fucked up sex scene on a TV show, Aya Cash should win it. Both as Gretchen and as Stormfront, she has some of the wildest, violent, fucked up sex I have seen on a TV show. I just hope that isn’t an award for worst spoken German.

Back to the first season. There isn’t really a lot of flashing out of the whole Boyz, aside from Hughie the average Joe, who serves as our eyes in this really screwed up world. Both him and Karl Urban’s character Butcher (Let me tell you, he sure as hell deserves such a last name) are fueled by revenge. How much? Well, they make Eren Jaeger doubt his attitude to Titans. Rage, gore, bloodshed, and a few really funny moments are how I would describe season 1.

The second season goes into more detail bout the whole world and the characters, the Boyz especially. It does start a bit slower, but when it gets going it’s quite remarkable. There are many plotlines, even more secrets, and character arcs but the show manages to wrestle with all that. Great use of in medium res and cliffhangers.

I ship Hughie and Starlight, to the bitter end.

One of the most surprising things (positively) was this idea thread of how we are formed by our parents. Parents are people, and sometimes they make horrible mistakes, mistakes that will cripple their children their entire life. The tragic part of it is that they do it out of the best intentions. Hughie’s father and Starlight’s mother are prime examples. They both turned their children into what they thought would make them and their lives perfect, and yet their children are miserable. Until they find each other that is.

As a fan of Guy Debord and his book The Society of Social Spectacle, I loved every single pitch scene, every single fake commercial. I think Pride Bars was my favorite. Just pitch-perfect cynicism.

And finally, there is the Homelander a God amongst man. And he like Jesus in “The Last Temptation of Christ” is on the edge of madness, but totally unaware. He is by far the most interesting character (among many interesting characters) on the show and Anthony Starr gives an incredible performance.

All in all, this is by far the best and most interesting take on superheroes since Alan Moore’s graphic novel The Watchmen.

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