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A Japanese property that could replace Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is over. Finally, the snarky people who never gave it a chance might say. I’m sure some fans of the show who aren’t exactly thrilled with how the show wrapped up would say the same. But, with the end of Game of Thrones ends perhaps the last show that occupied a significant part of popular culture. There is an amazing number of high-quality TV shows currently airing (or at least that is what the TV Critics tell us – the only ones who watch the vast majority of them), but none of them have grabbed the public the same way Game of Thrones has. They probably never will.
That probably means that the next big thing won’t be something that is currently airing, but something new. Game of Thrones was, in its core, a fantasy show. Many people doubted something like that, a TV show inspired by a great fantasy book series would ever make it to the screen, yet along be one of the greatest shows and definitely greatest global watching experiences of our lifetime. Maybe there lies the answer, the place to look for the next thing after the Game of Thrones, media that people have prejudices about. Stuff that an average producer would laugh off a while ago, but now might consider.
I want to focus on a specific type of media from Japan, manga. Manga, for those unfamiliar, is the Japanese version of comic books, mostly black and white tho. It is a booming industry in Japan, that has spread all over the world, with some manga series outselling even the most popular marvel or DC comic books. Some networks and Netflix have already started to adapt graphic novels and hero comic books, so advancing towards a live-action version of manga would be the next logical step.
Game of Thrones already had a large set of loyal fans following it from the get-go, due to the popularity of the books. The same can be said about the manga that I will write about in this article. Some of them already have global followings that rival that of the Song of Ice and Fire series.
Attack on Titan
If you were a fan of the wall or the night’s watch on Game of Thrones you are in luck. Attack on Titan follows a group of teens who are trained to protect their own versions of the wall (three in total) from marauding, monstrous, man-eating titans who freely roam the areas outside the last Wall. The time period is similar to that of Game of Thrones, but a bit further up technologically. Much like the characters in Game of Thrones, the characters in Attack on titan have a lot of negative, bad memories that they are trying to overcome.
The show follows three titular characters, childhood friends Eren, Armin, and Mikasa, who are all looking to take revenge upon the Titans for what they did to them.
One of the biggest similarities this manga has to Game of Thrones is the fascinating Number of Fan theories about the origin of Titans, the world outside the walls, etc.
What makes the show quite unique is the number of badass female characters, such as Mikasa or Annie, and the sheer volume of bone-chilling gore. Horror is one a genre of books, films, etc that makes a lot of money, and Attack on Titan has plenty of horror movie-like scenes to help it grow into the hearts of horror fans all over the world.

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