Selling Yourself

When people say that this or that person is selling themselves, they usually mean that they are a prostitute, male or female. But is that really selling your self? Is your whole self being sold?

No. Prostitutes don’t sell themselves, they sell parts of themselves. For a certain amount of time, one or a few parts of their body become at once a sexual, consumeristic and capital gaining object. From an existential point of view, turning a subject into an object is one of the worst sins one can commit and I dear readers agree with that fact. I have no gripes with sex or modesty. But if one decides, on their own will to forfeit being a subject and become an object for someone else’s pleasure, as well as tries to capitalized on that, I’m totally against it.

But, there are more questions here worth exploring. For example, are prostitutes and people who do similar stuff, like cam girls etc, worth of all the negativity and derogatory treatment that society inflicts upon them? I would argue that they are not. There are quite a few groups of people who deserve to be treated that way, and not them. Why? Well, because they are selling themselves, their complete selves.

Who are these mysterious groups of people, who elude their deserved social scorn?

The two biggest groups are reality stars and people who turn their whole lives into a vlog, blog or youtube channel. In my book, they are far worse than your average prostitutes. And reality stars are the abyss of capitalistic destruction of the subject with the sole purpose to become an object that will make money. A reality star, especially in shows similar to Big Brother, lets their whole being, every breath they take, everything they do, become an object for the consumption of their audience. The exact same is true for lifestyle or another kind of YouTubers whose sole content is themselves. They are their very own pimps.

But, what if they are just acting? What if what they are showing to the world is a character and not themselves?

Equally horrible. Willfully, they are pushing their real self aside, deeming it worthless for the creation of anything consuming and they create this alter ego. The alter ego is designed to get as much air time as possible. Their real self is first pushed to the side. With time, their true self is being mute and finally mutilated until the new alter ego character takes full control of their life. Like the Ouroboros, they have eaten themselves, now perpetually at mercy of those who use them for escapism and consumption.

In the end, ask yourself, what is worse – selling a part of yourself for a short amount of time, or selling your whole life, your whole being for 24/7 nonstop.

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