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Project Gutenberg Sub100 Intro Post

Firstly, let me say a few things about the inspiration behind this post and why I hope it will turn into a regular series.
I love Project Gutenberg. There are always a lot of talented people, in every job, occupation, calling that either fall through the cracks of time or get compressed. What I mean by get compressed? Let us look at jazz for example. Jazz was once the most popular genre of music. Everyone was playing it. But, as it started to decrease in popularity and fade into the twilight, people started to compress the genre into its most significant figures. The same is done with literature. Eras are defined and their best, or most famous examples are celebrated. So we look from the outside in and judge the best of a bygone era not on an objective quality that they may possess, but by how they fit in our, naively constructed search criteria.
It is easy to find those writers and read them. But I wanted to learn more. I wanted to know if there are some people who were brilliant writers who were underappreciated, or were just born in the wrong time or just swept away because they lived in an era of a truly great writer, whose shadow is difficult to evade.
That is why went to Wikipedia, and went year by year; starting with 1601; to look at what books were published and if they were available on Project Gutenberg. Luckily, a lot of them were. And I formed a couple of lists. The first list is made out of works published in a period of about 300 years and they are all shorter than 100 pages.
I play on reading through that list, bit by bit, as time allows me and share with you some of the best finds I have read.
So join me on the journey through the short, sweet and forgotten works of literature.

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