Songs to melt your mind with… TASH SULTANA – JUNGLE 

Unlike the last Song took melt your mind with, this will be a bit more experimental. I tried to fuse the beat and melody of the song with my stream of consciousness.
Laying there as the soft breeze brushes against your face, making the various branches dance to it’s tunes. The rays of radiant sunlight, it’s ever present partner landing on your closed eyes. Drip drip drop. One by one, rarely in unison, drops fall from various leaves. You open your eyes, slowly, not to leave them unprepared to the glow of the sun.

Bit by bit you stand up, gazing upon the wet, humid jungle, feeling tired and groggy. You try to take a few steps and your foot hits something hard, metal. Taken aback from the impact you get on your knees and reach under the branch where you can see a bit of metal dyed red.

It’s a gun.

Come dance with me a while more, you hear a joyous voice. But there’s noone in sight, just you and the jungle. You reach for it and realize that the gun you found is sticky for the blood stains.

I know you will never hurt me, the sweet voice of a woman in love reappears for a moment.

Holding the gun you feel nausea accumulated inside yourself. Cold sweat starts to form on your frowning brow. Lead by some instinct you don’t understand, you unclip the gun and realize there are three bullets missing. You throw up.

Come on, it will be fun. Our own little adventure, the voice says giggling.

Shivering from the shock you start to walk forward. Step by step, faster, almost stumbling, you chase down a barely trodden path.

Don’t blame it on me, the voice sounds annoyed.

Why do you have that, the voice is frightened.

Please, calm down, I know you don’t mean that! The voice screams in a tremendous fright.

You stop suddenly, looking at your watch you notice how you been running for 17 minutes. Around you, four tall wide trees are blocking out the sun. The grass and leaves are colored red here and there. You don’t want to but you have to look. Just beneath the closest tree there’s a woman. She’s laying there, her dress smeared with blood , three buller holes inside her head and you begin to cry.

Welcome to the jungle the voice says one last time.

You fall on your knees, scream and pass out, again.

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