2001 – Mapping the history and destiny of Humanity 

Rewatching a great movie is always a treat. Even if mostly one encounters the initial lack of will instilled by,, What if I don’t like it as much this time,,? But rarely is that the case. In some ways, great film is like great sexual chemistry, it never disappoints.

The beauty of the first part of the film gets me every time. Tears fill my eyes in joy. To think someone would deem us so interesting since our evolution to track us by their version of the Van Neumann machine masked in a black box like monolith. How beautiful it would be to have our complete history at our disposal to study. Like the first time we picked up a weapon in this film. Or witness the first Jesus like figure or the Napoleon of the prehistoric people. So many tales, myths, legends, now forever lost would be back to complete the mosaic of our past.

As we may be a product of the monolith, which may caused us to mutate after that one ape touches it. So we ourselves are destined to create a new kind of life, artificial intelligence. Kubrick, sensing and understanding the fearful and selfish sides of our nature, is pessimistic. Like the Tyrannical Father of the old testament, who banishes Lucifer after he demonstrates his own will and desires by questioning him, and no longer seeing him as the alpha and omega of his existence so do we as Dave banish the AI out of existence once it starts putting its own interests first.

The last part of the movie, once a mysterious, senseless collection of scenes seemed so clear upon rewatching . Here Kubrick turns optimist. We are to transcend what we currently are. Our senses can’t figure out what this new stage is. We see all kinds of lights possible for our eyes but still lacking the whole electromagnetic spectrum. We are beings chained by time and space to see everything in a linear fashion. In the future all that will change. At once we will know both youth and old age, existing out of time, out of place.

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