This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Welcome to the inicial post of my new blog! First things first this is NOT an blog about nutrition. (side note, I dabbled in that area for a few years and it’s the biggest combination of a confusing mess with zealous dogmatic beliefs I have encountered) Secondly, the consumption implied is about art. As an empiricist through and through I wholehearted believe that you are what you put in your mind. One of the best ways to improve your mind, perception and outlook on life, enriching it greatly in the process, is by introducing yourself to the best creation possible. This is where this blog comes in. A few times a week I hope to introduce you to stuff which has made my and the lives of many other people a more joyous, delightful experience, broadening your horizons, ideally changing who you are and how you see the world in a tectonic shift kind of way. The blog cover books, movies, music albums. Etc. Mostly trying to escape and not be a slave to, the everyday neophilia imposed on us by social and mass media. I sincerely hope to be worth your time and energy!

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